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Who I am…

Lorenza Arnal is a social cognitive specialist focusing on children with social skills and executive functioning deficits.  Lorenza is well-versed in the widely-used Michelle Garcia Winner curriculum, which she teaches in her social skills groups.  She uses the 360 Thinking Model for her work in helping develop study skills.  She uses other programs as well and designs her own lesson to make the lesson as relevant as possible for a particular child.   After founding Compass for Families in San Francisco, she offered social skills and executive functioning groups there for seven years.  She has recently moved her family and practice to Westport, CT, and currently offers social skills training and executive function coaching here.

Lorenza earned a Masters in Public Policy from Harvard University, and served in numerous government and consulting posts.  She is also a mother of two, and knows first-hand what it is to parent and advocate for a child with learning differences.  She has a background in Child and Adolescent psychotherapy, and has attended numerous conferences in the areas of Social Thinking, Learning and the Brain, Executive Functioning and Learning Differences in children and young adults.