Social Skills- Developing your Social Compass


Does your child have a tough time socially?

A Social Skills Playgroup can help!

A Social Skills Group provides a safe and supportive environment in which children can acquire and practice a variety of strategies to help them feel more comfortable and be more successful socially. Group work is personalized to address specific needs at home and at school.

Younger children will learn these skills and more:

  • Developing and maintaining friendships

  • Flexibility

  • Reading social cues

  • Joining and playing games

  • Initiating and participating in conversations

  • Self regulation


Older children will learn all of the above, and more:

  • Peer Pressure

  • Bullying and responses to bullies

  • Anger Management Strategies

  • Self- advocating at school

  • Dating

  • Interview skills

Placement in a Social Playgroup

Groups consist of two to five children of similar age, temperament, verbal abilities and social functioning. They are carefully matched for effective group work.

Groups meet once per week for 50 minute sessions. While places can become available throughout the school year, groups typically run from September to December, and January to June.

Parents are kept up-to-date on skills and strategies for home practice via email each week.

Social skills are taught through direct instruction, games and modeling.  

I am available for school observations as needed. I work to establish a collaborative relationship with the teacher towards achieving social goals.