Study Skills- Developing your Organizational Compass


Does your child struggle with organization?  Do they lack the materials they need or even fail to hand in completed work?

Is their desk a black hole for materials and important papers?

Does your child struggle with initiating complex academic assignments and then runs out of time? 

Is your child unable to break down the demands of an assignment and does not know where to start?

Study Skills counseling can help them develop their Organizational Compass...  

Compass for Families provides Executive Function Coaching services for kids and teens in a variety of settings. Individual and group sessions are offered using the 360 Thinking Model.

Children will learn these skills and more:  

  • Prioritizing tasks and time

  • Creating study routines and a conducive study environment

  • Managing papers and materials

  • Understanding expectations

  • Managing long-term projects and goals


Kids and teens will learn how to do the following:  

  • Visualize directions and learn to predict how much time each task should take 

  • Breaking projects into manageable parts

  • Develop strategies for planning and using time effectively

  • Use the language of time, sense the sweep of time and identify “time robbers” 

  • Self-talk and self monitor during a task, and moving through time and space to achieve a task

  • Use self-directed narrative language

  • Develop self-accountability for completion of intermediate project steps 

  • Develop a non-verbal working memory and imagery 

  • Develop a  situational intelligence: how to “read” a room and understand the expectations 

  • Become a future thinker: what will it look like when it’s done? 

  • Plan  your work… so you can then work your plan